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  • a unique & private sanctuary
    personalised wellness programmes

    From 1 day to 7 nights

  • a unique & private sanctuarypssatis.jpg
    Indulge your senses in our programmes

    Enjoy the healing energies of nature and fresh sea breeze

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    Luxury Accommodation in an oasis of serenity

    With mesmerizing views and nourishing cuisine

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    "Gregoli" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Hand-picked with traditional extraction methods

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures!
9 Senses WellNess Living - Our Holistic Wellness Living provides you with outstanding experience to gain confidence to harmonize your life and give you an opportunity to balance entire you as one whole with our luxurious ultimate programmes.

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge, total attention, confident one-on-one "Mind- Body" connection healings.

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures for all the 9 senses

We focus on four key activities:

    Wellness Living

    - Our Wellness programmes include: Everlasting Beauty From Within, The Body Balance, The Emotional Breath of Life, Cherishing Qi, Evoked Senses Healing, One Day of Me- Recharge, Inspirational Peace Paradise, Group Day Out

    New-Face Fitness

    BEAUTY BEGINS HERE - Your face is introduction of YOU to the WORLD. Beauty of your face begins from your inner health, personality, emotional state and fitness. As we age, we accumulate stress, artificial chemicals, preservatives, skin of our face loosing radiance, elasticity and we see in the mirror an old person. NEWFACE FITNESS Complex is designed to slow down and reverse this process.

    The Gourmet Sense

    Olive oil has been an important part of the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest diets in the world. It is rich in vitamins A,D, E, K, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A key study on olive oil shows that its unique chemical compound will protect against heart disease and cancer, improve cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar level, the digestive system, constipation, arthritis and diabetes, and support the brain and nervous system. It also helps the body absorb calcium and contributes to bone development. Olive oil's antioxidant properties can delay the human cell's aging process.

    The Aromatherapy Sense

    This activity will teach you how to take positive action to heal the following senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Thermoception sense of heat and cold, Kinaesthetic (posture and movements), Sense of Balance, The Organic Sense (sensation from the internal organs).
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9 Senses WellNess Living to harmonize your life by:

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge - 9 Senses WellNess Living