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  • a unique & private sanctuary
    personalised wellness programmes

    From 1 day to 7 nights

  • a unique & private sanctuarypssatis.jpg
    Indulge your senses in our programmes

    Enjoy the healing energies of nature and fresh sea breeze

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    Luxury Accommodation in an oasis of serenity

    With mesmerizing views and nourishing cuisine

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    "Gregoli" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Hand-picked with traditional extraction methods

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures!
9 Senses WellNess Living - Our Holistic Wellness Living provides you with outstanding experience to gain confidence to harmonize your life and give you an opportunity to balance entire you as one whole with our luxurious ultimate programmes.

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge, total attention, confident one-on-one "Mind- Body" connection healings.

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures for all the 9 senses

About The 9 SENSES


As you enter our gates the Native New Zealand Pohutukawa trees will greet your eyes with their enchanted beauty. Our private and secluded Retreat overlooks panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, smoking White Island, Eco Organic Olive Groves and a fruitful orchard. This paradise also encompasses Native New Zealand Bush and Bird life.


You will not encounter chaotic noises of modern civilisation here. The dawn chorus of Tuis and other song birds will awake you in a morning. The sound of the cicadas love song will accompany you throughout your day of "Green exercise". While exploring our very own glow worm caves at night you may experience the peacefulness of the bush awakened by the New Zealand Native Kiwi calls.


Here, at "9 Senses", every season surprise your palette with an abundant of fresh fruit, Extra Virgin Olive Oil grow n and pressed on the site, Macadamia and walnuts, raw juices, oxygen cocktails, pure clear spring water and organic herbal tisanes/teas. "9 Senses" will offer you absolute authentic nectars collected by bees from native bush trees including Tea Trees, Pohutukawa, and blossoming organic fruits and herbs. You will gain Nutritional knowledge at our cooking classes that will teach you skills to enhance your healthy lifestyle choices back home.


The 9 Senses Wellness Living will provide you with a dedicated solo experience in health enhancement massages and therapies to nourish your body, mind and spirit. We create individual programs designed for a true transformation that will cater to your very needs and return you back to your optimum balanced state.

Thermoception - sense of heat and cold

Luxurious Thermal treatment; contrasting "Hot Stone" massage, self-heating muds, sauna, local Hot Mineral Spa as well as High End Ultrasonic, Denas and RF equipment are in our wellbeing programs.


"Inhale" your journey starts from our Perfumer's herbal and floral garden: flowering Native Kowhai, Magnolias, Roses, lavenders and the world's most precious herbs. Your sense of smell will be challenged and grow in experience in our Aromatherapy classes, where you will learn to use pure essential oils for your health and beauty. You also will be introduced to our very own natural perfumes in our scented space.

Kinaesthetic (posture and movements)

Our exercise is Green Exercise; we will take you for a walk through our native bush. We offer nice and easy walking tracks to our local waterfalls and many scenic beaches to walk and reflect on, as well as swimming in the Pacific ocean, lakes and local mineral hot pool. We also have a private trainer available who can offers an extensive shaping exercise sessions and can design a personalised program to take home.

Sense of Balance

Introduction to "Five Elements Theory": Qi-gong exercise the ancient Chinese Art of health, wealth and longevity. Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi master Chris will teach you to use energies as a way to balance your body, stimulate and energize the vital organs of your body for increased health. Qi-gong helps to release energy blockages that cause illness, inhibit relationships, and impede goal achievement and success.

The Organic Sense (sensation from the internal organs)

The Nutrition seminars and cooking classes are designed to prepare you for life after the retreat and guide you into healthy nutrition, using Super foods, fermented food, unprocessed organic food and herbs. Introduction to "Body Balance" - the powerhouse of liquid whole foods of 9 Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera. This dynamic combination rich phytonutrients ensuring you enhance your vital Organic Sense.

Your Hosts

Your Hosts.

your hosts Olia and Greg

Greg & Olia will be your hosts at 9 Senses Wellness Living. Greg discovered the property 14 years ago. With a spade on his shoulder he found this perfect place for the olive grove and heritage fruit orchard. A welding engineer and potter, Greg wanted to create a Mediterranean olive grove on the Wainui hills.

Shortly Gods sent a Russian lady, Olia, into his life who filled his heart, home and garden with her touch. A mining engineer and Quality Assurance Manager from the Ural Mountains, Olia wore out a couple of pairs of gumboots and broke several spades in her willingness to help Greg create the Orchard of his dreams.

Olia has always had a love for natural healing and appreciated the power of herbs. Seeking greater knowledge, Olia began studying again, but now with natural healing as her focus. With high marks she has graduated in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Body Therapy, Reiki healing, Hot Stone Therapy, Spa Therapy, Laser and Electrolysis. With this knowledge, Olia now creates Aromatherapy blends and natural perfumes, and has developed a unique anti-aging Facial Exercise program. With the help of friends and family, we now harvest and press our olives, collecting the precious liquid gold - our very own Extra Virgin Olive Oil to nourish your skin and body from within. We feel so privileged to be able to enjoy this magnificent land of plenty, and want to share it with you. Being very creative, we pulled out all of our building skills and VOILA! The Parisian Flair room now welcomes you to enjoy all that 9 Senses has to offer.

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9 Senses WellNess Living to harmonize your life by:
  • Focusing on your inner health
  • Designed to slow down and reverse aging
  • Outlining a diet rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Introducing the pleasure-full green exercises
  • Balancing the mind-Body connection
  • Therapy to to detoxify the bodies lymphatic system
  • Personalising a nutrition plan for your Emotional Harmony
  • Personalising exercises and breathing techniques used to mobilize the healing resource
  • Retreating to an environment for those wishing to spend a time in Peace

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge - 9 Senses WellNess Living