Discover the unique & private 9Senses sanctuary

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  • a unique & private sanctuary
    personalised wellness programmes

    From 1 day to 7 nights

  • a unique & private sanctuarypssatis.jpg
    Indulge your senses in our programmes

    Enjoy the healing energies of nature and fresh sea breeze

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    Luxury Accommodation in an oasis of serenity

    With mesmerizing views and nourishing cuisine

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    "Gregoli" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Hand-picked with traditional extraction methods

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures!
9 Senses WellNess Living - Our Holistic Wellness Living provides you with outstanding experience to gain confidence to harmonize your life and give you an opportunity to balance entire you as one whole with our luxurious ultimate programmes.

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge, total attention, confident one-on-one "Mind- Body" connection healings.

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures for all the 9 senses

Celebrate your special EVENT
in harmony with nature.

Memories to last a lifetime

An inspirational setting surrounded by Olive Trees

Being the symbol of peace, wisdom and prosperity, Olive Grove attracted many people. Seeing it once, you will be fascinated with an atmosphere and our magnificent ocean view, and willing to share it with a family, friends or colleagues.

Your guests will be instantly transferred to another world of tranquillity and pure nature.

9 Senses Wellness Living at Olive Grove can provide unforgettable experience for a group up to 30 people at outdoor patio, or up to 100 people in olive grove.

Small groups, up to 10 people, can book a Wellness event with tailored Spa treatments.

We have an experience in hosting highly unusual events: New born Retreat with planting a "significant tree" ceremony, or "Vintage Car club", group of 60, for a gourmet lunch.

Our pure Nature country environment would welcome:

  • Anniversaries
  • Honeymoons
  • Club events
  • Corporate meetings
  • Executive's Retreat
  • Girls Day out
  • Mother's day
  • Baby Showers
  • New born Retreat
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Contact us:
phone: + 027 65 222 56
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9 Senses WellNess Living to harmonize your life by:

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge - 9 Senses WellNess Living