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  • a unique & private sanctuary
    personalised wellness programmes

    From 1 day to 7 nights

  • a unique & private sanctuarypssatis.jpg
    Indulge your senses in our programmes

    Enjoy the healing energies of nature and fresh sea breeze

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    Luxury Accommodation in an oasis of serenity

    With mesmerizing views and nourishing cuisine

  • a unique & private sanctuary
    "Gregoli" Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Hand-picked with traditional extraction methods

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures!
9 Senses WellNess Living - Our Holistic Wellness Living provides you with outstanding experience to gain confidence to harmonize your life and give you an opportunity to balance entire you as one whole with our luxurious ultimate programmes.

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge, total attention, confident one-on-one "Mind- Body" connection healings.

9 Senses WellNess Living offers you a unique journey full of sensory pleasures for all the 9 senses

Our Wellness Programmes

All programmes are suitable as a special gift to your loved one; for couples to celebrate an Anniversary, Honey moon, recharging holiday;
also suitable for a small group of girls as a wellbeing lifestyle retreat, or, just for you. Your personalised Wellness programme will start with consultation to assess condition of your skin, body alignments and mind set, in order to provide the best personalised treatments for you.

All programmes include Private eco-accommodation, all meals and wellness classes, to prepare you for a life after the retreat.
    Everlasting Beauty From Within.
  • Beauty enhancing aromatic fruitful nutrition
  • NEWFace-Fitness complex
  • Beautiful mind of beautiful you
  • Pleasure-full Green exercises
  • "9 Senses"- "24K Gold" cell rejuvenating therapy
  • "9 Senses"- Radio Frequency & Micro-current collagen stimulating therapy
  • "9 Senses"- Spa/ phyto-mud mask therapy/ hyalurono-mask
  • "9 Senses"- "Denas" cell rejuvenating/problematic skin therapy
  • "9 Senses"- Hair Beauty Aromatherapy Wrap
  • "9 Senses"- Aromatherapy Massage
  • "9 Senses"- Spa/Body Exfoliation & Chocolate Mud Wrap
  • "9 Senses"- Paraffin hands Spa-wrap & Aromatherapy massage
    Body Balance
  • Body Balance enhancing nutrition /personal nutrition plan for detox, weight loss, wellbeing
  • Green exercise/ or extensive shaping exercise
  • "Mind-Body" connection balance
  • "9 Senses"- Detox Spa/ Seaweed Wrap
  • "9 Senses"- Spa/ self-heating anti-cellulite French Mud Wrap
  • "9 Senses"- Body Detox Lymphatic therapy
  • "9 Senses"- Ultrasonic & Radio Frequency anti-cellulite therapy
  • "9 Senses"- Aromatherapy Massage
  • "9 Senses"- Aroma-Reflexology
  • "9 Senses"- Wellness "Denas" therapy
    Emotional Breath of Life
  • Personalised Nutrition plan for your Emotional Harmony
  • "Kia kaha" Breath in strength energies of Ancient Native New Zealand bush
  • Tapping - Emotional Freedom
  • Mind-Body connection balance
  • Qigong energy exercise
  • Laughter yoga
  • "9 Senses"- Aromatherapy / De-stress, Self-confidence, insomnia, grief...
  • "9 Senses"- Hot Stone Massage Healing
  • "9 Senses"- Harmony waves "Denas" Neuro-therapy
    Cherishing Qi
  • "Qi" natural energy - "Life Force", raw juices, and organic diet
  • Life Force Qigong gentle movements directing energy to vital organs
  • Yin & Yang exercise & Breathing technique mobilize healing resource
  • Life Force Meditation
  • Tapping - Emotional Freedom for Inner strength
  • "9 Senses"- Hot Stone Massage
  • "9 Senses"- Acupressure on Meridians Massage
  • "9 Senses"- Reflexology
  • "9 Senses"- Head Massage
    Evoked Senses Healing - In this programme we are looking at a person as whole: his mind, body and soul.
  • Whole raw superfoods, fermented therapeutic cuisine, and juice therapy, and classes
  • NEWFace Fitness classes
  • Fit your fitness - Green exercise
  • Qigong life force energy directing
  • Mind-Body connection balance
  • "9 Senses"- Phyto-Spa Facial
  • "9 Senses"- "24K Gold" cell rejuvenating therapy
  • "9 Senses"- Aroma-Stone Massage- Healing
  • "9 Senses"- Hair Phyto-Spa wrap
  • "9 Senses"- Body Mud Wrap/ choose from Red Sea mud, Rotorua mud, French Matis self-heating mud, seaweed
  • "9 Senses"- Harmony brain waves "Denas" Neuro-therapy
  • "9 Senses"- Chakra cleansing - Clendenning Healing
  • "9 Senses"- Reiki Energy Ancient Japanese Healing
    One Day of Me - Recharge - Busy lifestyle? Breakfast on a run? Stress at work? We would like to welcome you at 9 Senses Wellness Living for 1 day gift for yourself, 1 night accommodation included.
  • Body Balance enhancing nutrition
  • Superfood cuisine and classes
  • Aroma-Stone Massage- Healing
  • Green exercise & Breathing technique mobilize healing resource
  • Qigong life force energy - recharge your organs energy and beauty
  • "9 Senses"- Harmony brain waves Denas Neuro-therapy
  • "9 Senses"- "24K Gold" cell rejuvenating therapy
    Inspirational Peace Paradise - This programme created for an individual wishing to spend a time in Peace. We will provide all meals and drinks; and drive on request; Treatments available on request with extra charge
  • Body Balance enhancing nutrition
  • Wellness Nutrition Cuisine
  • "Sea view" picnic
  • Candles lighted Dinner at Olive Grove
  • Inspirational Aromatherapy Candles & Natural Perfume
  • Inspirational Peace-Discovery walk
  • Glow-worms night walk
    Group Day Out
  • Tailored treatments
  • Gourmet sense nibbles, fruit and refreshments
  • Olive Grove and orchard tour
  • Not including accommodation
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9 Senses WellNess Living to harmonize your life by:

Our private retreat designed for solo-recharge - 9 Senses WellNess Living